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Paula Dragu

In 10 years Paula Dragu has evolved from the status of a college graduate employee to that of a company partner and she is the perfect example of the personal and professional development opportunities that Contexpert offers to its employees. Paula likes being a member of the Contexpert team because she enjoys “the working environment, the team, the diversity of the situations that occur, the different fields of activity of the clients and the ongoing challenge to be up to date with all the news in the field by attending specializing courses and by constantly analyzing the legislative issues”.

The Contexpert management team has invested great trust in Paula and this is due to both her solid education in the field but also due to her human qualities, Paula being one of the most dedicated professionals of our organization.
Paula has professionally developed by passing with patience and passion through all the necessary steps for building up a solid career which equals her experience and professional background to a professional business card.

Paula is certified as a chartered accountant, fiscal consultant and financial auditor, being a member of CECCAR, CCFR and CAFR. She is also specialized in many areas such as tax, accounting and structural funds audit.

Paula has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies - Bucharest, Faculty of C.S.I.E., Economic Statistics Department.