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Mircea Pascu

Mircea is Partner since 2013, after he has managed one of the three accounting departments of the company for 5 years and he has been a member of the Contexpert team since 2006. The Contexpert management has entrusted Mircea with the coordination of the accounting department due to the excellent professional background that he has acquired over time with great investment of personal energy, but also due to the substantial personal and professional motivation. ”I work within Contexpert because it is a dynamic company with a great flexibility that has given me important promotion opportunities and because there is a team that can offer me the necessary conditions for obtaining high professional achievements”. Mircea is constantly preoccupied with the professional improvement and performance of the team that he coordinates: “I am a result-oriented person and I’ve always made all the necessary efforts to complete what I started. I always pursue medium and long term results and not the immediate success at any price. That is why for me balance is extremely important in everything I do”.

Mircea has many specializations: he has attended continuous professional training courses within ACCA and CECCAR, tax and accounting courses organized by the Ministry of Public Finances, he has the ECDL Diploma-

Mircea has also a Master’s degree in Accounting, Control and Expertise offered by the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest; he has also graduated from the Faculty of Finances, Insurance, Banking and Stock Exchange within the same institution.