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Audit services represent the business card of a company’s management regarding its financial credibility to all those interested, be them shareholders, employees and clients or tax authorities, banks, suppliers and customers.Listen

Its purpose is to determine if the financial statements fairly reflect the actual image of the company.

The audit work is based on sampling the company’s activity using an accurate sampling procedure in order to learn and understand the customer’s activity.

The main parameters taken into consideration during the learning process are:

Contexpert auditors are dedicated professionals who have great experience in the audit field. They work with major companies on the Romanian market. For them, the audit represents more than just an evaluation visit: they all use their professional competence and energy to check the company’s financial “health”.

On the field, Contexpert auditors prove high understanding of the “spirit” of the business and they do not just collect numbers or fill in documents. We always act responsibly, independently, honestly and professionally in order to understand the company’s activities.

The overall audit effort will result in a specific report that will reflect the “health” of the company. However, this report will also have the scope of contributing to the effectiveness of the accounting system and to the management control, to improve the quality of financial reporting and to reduce the costs associated with the lack of managerial accuracy in the practical application of recommendations resulting from the audit.

For the contracts spanning over several years, we mainly choose the same audit team for a client, in order to diminish its efforts and resources.

We perform audit activities for both Romanian companies and foreign companies present in Romania.

The audit services we provide are the following ones: