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Noi modificari in Codul muncii....
Codul muncii a cunoscut mai multe modificari consistente pe 7 august 2017, odata cu intrarea in vigoare a O.U.G. nr. 53/... »

Nou: Plafon de scutire pentru veniturile din dividende, dobanzi...
Legea 112/2016, publicata luni în Monitorul Oficial, introduce un nou alineat la art 179: In cazul persoanelor fiz... »

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Professional Training Courses

During the courses and seminars organized by Contexpert, the emphasis is put on the practical aspects of accounting and taxation in Romania. Within the training programs, our specialists provide you with information and analysis that show the actual fiscal implications of the accounting actions. There are also encouraged the open discussions regarding the specific questions of the participants. Our practical accounting courses are accredited by CNFPA and the diplomas that we offer are recognized by MMFPS.

The applied accounting courses organized by Contexpert are designed for all the persons wishing to develop themselves from a professional point of view. The Contexpert trainers have an excellent experience in the accounting and taxation field and they interactively present the way in which accounting is organized within companies with different profiles, starting from drawing up documents, accounting recordings, legal reports and ending with the fiscal implications of the accounting actions.

During these courses, our trainers encourage the active participation of the participants and the open discussions regarding the issues encountered in practice. The course contains theoretical aspects relevant to our field and a lot of case studies extracted from the accounting practice. The legal content is also updated and thoroughly documented. The courses are organized at the Contexpert headquarters, they are structured in 10 working sessions – every session lasting 4 hours and they end with a written assessment.

Contexpert also organizes seminars on topics related to the accounting and fiscal fields:

Seminars can be organized at the Contexpert headquarters or at the clients’ headquarters. The duration of the seminars is variable, being determined by the topic, but – anyway – they last no more than 4 hours per day.