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Daniela Istrate

Co-founder and partner within the company, Daniela Istrate has highly contributed to the successful history of Contexpert Consulting by her permanent involvement in the organization management, as well as by means of her excellent professional knowledge that she has acquired through a solid education in economics and law.

Endowed with a wide range of professional skills (financial auditor and quality auditor, certified and chartered accountant, fiscal consultant, trainer), Daniela Istrate is actively involved in the management processes of all the clients (supervision of the operations carried out by the accounting, tax, payroll and audit departments). Her role within the company is a very important one: besides her partner status, she effectively contributes to the management of the organization by coordinating the financial-accounting activities of the company and developing financial analyses and internal quality audits for all the Contexpert Consulting departments.

For Daniela ”the client is not an impersonal entity, it is represented by people” so she adapts her professional relationship according to this credo so that the result brings added value to all the people involved in the process. Endowed with an analytical and methodical spirit, Daniela constantly monitors the proper development of the whole company activity. She is also the one who has developed the in-house working system based on procedures, designed and implemented by herself. The ISO certification obtained by the company is the proof of the quality and high efficiency of the system that Daniela has developed.

Daniela Istrate is specialized both in law (having graduated from the Romanian-American University) and finance, banking and accounting (having graduated from The Academy of Economic Studies).