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Checking Accounting Work

Contexpert experts want the activity of verification the accounting work to be doubled valued by the client-company. First, to provide the guarantee of the accurate and complete registration in accounting of all the company operations through ongoing or punctual checking work, in real time or with a regular frequency, in order to reduce the risk of possible accounting errors. Secondly, we want that the verification of the accounting work done by our experts to represent a “certificate of credibility” at the hand of managers, regarding the quality of work performed by the company’s own staff. The verification of the accounting work also includes the verification of the calculation and tax declaration. If the verification work is done until the reporting date to the state, it may also include the assistance for drawing up the periodic declarations. At the same time, the verification services offered by Contexpert can be applied either to all the accounting work, or they can focus only on certain sensitive aspects of the client’s activity. Also, our specialists have the necessary capacity of structuring and standardizing the accounting activity of any company.