Contexpert – Corporate Brochure (.pdf)


Contexpert is a leading company in the Romanian field of accounting, audit, tax and payroll services. The company was born 15 years ago from a bold initiative and it has become a successful business through the total dedication of our management and employees. Currently, Contexpert is a respected company in the Romanian business environment, with a portfolio consisting of over 120 national and international companies developing businesses with significant market figures.

The continuous upward evolution of the company and its reputation gained along the time are due to a sustained activity governed by basic principles such as: identifying and meeting the requirements of our clients, working at high quality business standards- business etc, increasing the responsibility of each employee in order to continuously improve the quality of our services, organizing training activities and ensuring the professionalism of our organization’s members.

The company has established as a major objective the professional approaching of each project in its portfolio, regardless of its size or challenges involved. The priorities of our team also include establishing -good relationships with clients through the successful management of all our projects. In order to accomplish this, each team member organizes his activity with great passion and professional energy. Our professionals capitalize – to the advantage of the clients – all the professional and available resources -, from their own expertise to the organizational infrastructure. In order to provide excellent services, we are always preoccupied by the professional improvement of our experts so that we can remain permanently up- to-date with the fiscal-legal framework changes; thus the project management can be conducted in accordance to the latest national and European standards in the field. For increasing the portfolio of our clients, their satisfaction, for fulfilling our contractual obligations, for planning, conducting and improving all the relevant activities in terms of quality, Contexpert has implemented and is maintaining the Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

The services provided by Contexpert in the financial-accounting and fiscal field are complete. At the highest professional standards, the expertise of the company’s specialists covers the entire area of financial-accounting requirements of every Romanian and international company that does business in Romania: accounting, payroll and human resources, audit, consulting. In addition, Contexpert developed a platform of courses dedicated to people aiming at specialization and professional development in the accounting field.

Contexpert is a member of CECAR, CAFR, CCFR.