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Financial Accounting

The complex expertise in the financial accounting area is one of the main professional assets of Contexpert, based both on the overall view on the Romanian Business environment, and on the detailed knowledge by our practitioners of the company reporting needs. Our specialists are excellently trained, both at the level of accounting knowledge and at the legislative level, within the ongoing training programs, organized according to the professional profile of each employee. Contexpert accountants have the professional competence to design and elaborate a varied register of specific reports according to both international regulations (IFRS, GAAP), and accounting policies of the client. In addition, our experts offer customized accounting services by the level of development and the activity profile of the client, including the service of tax calculation and declaration. The book keeping is done in several ways: through an integrated accounting and management software (SmartCont – a software developed by Contexpert group), through the integrated solutions such as SAP and Navision in the use of which we have a special experience or through other effective accounting software. The accounting work done for clients is always supervised by managers. The accounting services are performed both at Contexpert and at the client’s office, part-time or full-time.

Financial accounting services: