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VAT code registration

Do you need a VAT code? Did you know that the number of companies that obtained a VAT code halved in comparison to last year?

Contexpert can come to your assistantce!

The new VAT registration procedure obstructed a great deal of businesses, being considered very restrictive. The criteria imposed by the National Tax Administration Agency do not allow many of the companies to obtain the VAT code. Due to the extended experience and expertise, Contexpert is able to help you successfully pass the National Tax Administration Agency test.

Our specialists offer you the following services:

Up to now, Contexpert obtained an important success rate, taking into consideration the total number of companies which managed to obtain a VAT code. For example, in February – the first month with the new procedure in force – only 89 companies from the entire country obtained a VAT code, compared to 1.395 companies in February 2014.

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