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Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers, as well as acquisitions and the disposal of business components are important tools for many businesses, big or small, in achieving their objectives. Whatever the final objective- achieving growth (mergers and acquisitions), focusing on core activities (disposing of business components) or ensuring the continued existence of the business through successors from inside or outside the family (sale, management buyouts etc.), our team can give you valuable know how and support.

Due diligence

A very big investment, such as making an acquisition opens big opportunities but can also involve great risks. However, these risks can be managed and handled by undertaking a due diligence investigation.

At Contexpert, we can provide specifically tailored financial, market and management reviews of the respective company and offer you valuable insights before making your decision. And this, because our specialists know and ask the right questions in order to get the information you need and help your company avoid any hidden risk or nasty surprises.