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Noi modificari in Codul muncii....
Codul muncii a cunoscut mai multe modificari consistente pe 7 august 2017, odata cu intrarea in vigoare a O.U.G. nr. 53/... »

Nou: Plafon de scutire pentru veniturile din dividende, dobanzi...
Legea 112/2016, publicata luni în Monitorul Oficial, introduce un nou alineat la art 179: In cazul persoanelor fiz... »

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Features of our stocktaking services

Innovation – by introducing new stocktaking methods, working procedures and equipment with the purpose of reducing time and costs.

Efficiency – our services allow our partners to focus on their core business, thus saving time which can be used for productive activities.

Speed and high processing capability – and analysis of the results due to innovative techniques and procedures developed in the long run and supported by a performant IT department.

Integrity, impartiality & diplomacy – that guarantees a non-vicious result against the interests of the company and of its shareholders, obtained by actions that does not generate undesired conflicts in the company.

Objectivity & professionalism – which lead to a significant decrease of future potential losses by providing solutions regarding the capitalization of stocktaking results.

National coverage of our services – having the necessary capability to carry out stocktaking activities throughout the Romanian territory.

Fast assimilation – of the necessary information and fast acquaintance with wide ranges of products, by investing considerable resources in training sessions and in development programs designed for our employees.

Quality & integrity standards – developed in a business environment for the planning, completion, surveillance and improvement of all relevant activities related to quality during stocktaking processes.