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VAT Reimbursements

Any amount that is retained by the Romanian state, usually reimbursed only after experiencing some burdensome and time consuming procedures brings losses to any company. Developed within many years of collaboration, the recognition of our company’s value and of its team’s member has lead to building a good relationship with the control authorities. It has to be taken into consideration that delays in granting VAT reimbursements by the Romanian state is due both to a well developed bureaucratic system but also because of the insufficient human resources belonging to the control authorities.

Activities performed in order to be granted the reimbursement are:

Reimbursements of other taxes and duties

Reimbursements of taxes withheld at source paid to the state budget

These services are tailored for natural and legal entities non-resident in Romania, whose incomes have been withheld at source (incomes obtained from royalties, interests, commissions, dividends, capital gains and other various services). The steps to be followed in order to get the reimbursement of the maximum amount out of the tax previously paid by the non-resident are: