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Certification of Fiscal Statements

A fiscal statement that is drawn up correctly and submitted in due time is the absolute guarantee of a penalty-free relationship with the authorities. Using their solid expertise, the Contexpert specialists are the ideal partners of any financial manager that wishes zero risks and professional safety regarding the calculation of all the taxes payable to the state budget.

Following the obligations enforced by the law concerning the certification of the annual statements by a fiscal consultant, our company provides you with the following services:

• certification of annual income tax statement;

• certification of corrective statements;

• certification of the VAT expense accounts with negative values.

This certification helps you, ensuring you by detecting in due time the legislation interpretation errors against the fiscal risks you are exposed to.

Moreover, you can benefit from our consultants’ know-how, as they are always prepared with solutions to any legal issues your company may encounter.

The certification services of the annual statements provided by Contexpert can be interactive and can continue along the entire year. The quarterly inspections done by our consultants resulting in the annual certification of the statements help you know if you have applied the legislation correctly in due time, if you can benefit from any fiscal facilities or other opportunities that you haven’t capitalized yet. On the other hand, the errors – if any – are detected in due time, thus eliminating the possibility of paying penalties along the year.