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Personnel Leasing

The personnel leasing service can be used by any company, regardless of its field or size, which aims at recruiting staff for a determined period of time. Contexpert offers you flexible and efficient formulas to achieve this.

The main purpose of the personnel leasing solutions offered by our company is to let our partners off from the administrative efforts specific to certain situations such as: temporary employment for particular projects, permanent employees being on medical, holiday or maternity leave, companies wanting a longer period for testing the employees before hiring them, staff cuts, etc.

Personnel leasing has the following advantages: disposing of preselected and qualified workforce, reducing costs and time in order to find the right stuff, having access to tax and employment advisory services, benefiting from spaced out payments, having the possibility of abolishing a job occupied by a person employed by leasing without suffering any legal consequences, the advantageous directing of expenditures for personnel leasing towards the service budget.

The personnel leasing service offered by Contexpert consists of permanently ensuring qualified staff perfectly corresponding to the professional profile and level required by our clients, in the financial, accounting, tax, human resources fields, a personnel to ensure the continuity of the activities and the completion of the projects they are involved in.