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Andreea Steinhart

Andreea Steinhart is since 2013 Partner, after 5 years of being the manager of one of our three accountancy departments in Contexpert since 2008, occupying this position after an experience of 3 years in our company, a long period during which she has continuously evolved from professional point of view.

“Taking into account the fact that I made the first steps into accountancy here within Contexpert, I can say that my biggest motivation has been to learn as much as possible and of course, from the best professionals in this field. After this stage, there appeared a lot of other reasons for which I wanted to continue working in this company, such as: working with a young and dynamic team, the organization of the activity in the company, the principles the management of the company is based on, the fact that there is real opportunity to develop yourself and the excellent collaboration with the top management”. Andreea’s professional training is a very solid one: she is a qualified accountant within the Organisation of Expert Accountants and Licensed Accountants in Romania, and in the recent years, she has attended numerous training courses organized by C.E.C.C.A.R. or accredited by the Ministry of Public Finances. Having excellent communication and organizatorial skills, Andreea manages the accounting services for numerous clients, together with a team of valuable Contexpert specialists.

Andreea has graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies Bucharest, the Faculty of Accountancy and Inventory Informatics.