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Legal updates

The database contains relevant legislation related to the accounting and tax field. The search criteria are multiple and they appear according to different fields; the legislative changes are set in chronological order. The important aspects of the legal regulations are also discussed by the specialists of Contexpert. This section is a valuable tool in the process of “navigating” daily through the complex Romanian legislation. The legal content is one of the most popular services that Contexpert provides – both for its clients and those wishing to update their information in the field. The legal content is up- to-date and covers all the important areas of the financial-accounting field.


Noi modificari in Codul muncii.


O.G. 651/13.09 - Order no. 2514/2011 of 06/09/2011 regarding the approval of the Decision of the Central Fiscal Commission no. 4/2011


O.G. 627/02.09 - Ordinance no. 30/2011 of 31/08/2011 for the modification and completion of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal code, as well as for the regulation of financial-fiscal measures


O.G. 626/02.09 - Ordinance no. 29/2011 of 31/08/201 for the modification and supplementation of the Government Ordinance no. 92/2003 regarding the Fiscal procedure code


O.G. 607/29.08 - Ordinance no. 13/2011 of 24/08/2011 regarding the legal remunerating and penalizing interest for money obligations, as well as for the regulation of financial – fiscal measures in the banking field


O.G. 587/19.08 - Order no. 1918/2011 of 25/07/2011 for the approval of the procedure and acts which the employees have the obligation to present to the territorial employment inspectorate in order to obtain the password, as well as of the procedure regarding the transmission of the general registry of employees evidence in electronic form


O.G. 563/08.08 - Order no. 2382/2011 of 03/08/2011 for the completion of accounting regulations


O.G. 561/08.08 - Order no. 856/1832/2011 of 11/07/2011 regarding the approval of the Classification of the occupations in Romania – occupation level (six characters)


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 522/25.07 - Order no. 2239/2011 issued on 30.6.2011 for approving the Simplified Accounting System


O.G. 498/13.07 - Order no. 2230/2011 of 29/06/2011 regarding the amendment and supplementation of the Application instructions of the value added tax exemption for the operations provided at art. 143 para. (1) letter a)-i), art. 143 para. (2) and art. 1441 of Law no. 571/2003 regarding the Fiscal code, with the subsequent amendments and supplementations, approved by the Order of the ministry of public finances no. 2.222/2006


O.G. 456/29.06 - Law no. 130/2011 of 23/06/2011 for the ratification of the Agreement between Romania and the Republic of Moldova in the field of social security, signed at Bucharest on April 27th 2010


O.G. 452/28.06 - Law no. 132/2011 of 27/06/2011 for the approval of the GEO no. 111/2010 regarding the leave and the monthly allowance for raising a child


O.G. 447/27.06 - Decision no. 642/2011 of 22/06/2011 for the approval of the specific decision, expressed in Euro equivalent on 1.000 cigarettes


O.G. 433/21.06 - Law no. 126/2011 of 20/06/2011 regarding the approval of the GEO no. 88/2010 for the amendment and supplementation of GO no. 92/2003 regarding the Fiscal procedure code


O.G. 426/17.06 - Decision no. 603/2011 of 08/06/2011 for the approval of the Norms regarding the supervision by the National Office for Prevention and Fight against Money Laundering of the application mode of the international sanctions


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 396/06.06 - Decision no. 2014/2010 issued on 19/05/2011 amending Minister of Finance Order no. 752/2006 on the approval of the procedure for the issuance of the tax certificate for legal entities and individuals, of the certificate of budgetary obligations, as well as their model and content


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 372/27.05 - Decision no. 500/2011 issued on 18.5.2011 on the general record of employees


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 361/24.05 - Order no. 1984/2011 issued on 11.5.2011 establishing criteria for determining the registration for VAT purposes


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 350/19.05 – GEO no 46/2011 issued on 05.11.2011 amending and supplementing the art. 17 under GEO 44/2008 regarding the economic activities performed by authorized individuals, individual enterprises and family businesses.


OFFICIAL GAZETTE 345/18.05 - Republish - Law no. 53/2003 issued on 24/01/2003 Labour Code